Tuesday, December 16, it’s 9 month since I lost my oldest son, Casper, to a traffic accident on the I-405 here in Bellevue.  I don’t think that any one that has not been in this situation can really appreciate how this impacts you. Many of us have lost family members, uncles, aunts, parents or grand parents. It hurts every time we loose a dear one, but there’s nothing like loosing a child. not only do you loose a dear one, you loose your future.

I keep thinking of the things I was going to do with Casper: Meeting the girl that would become his wife, his first child – my first grand child.  I keep going back to what I would’ve done, things I’ would’ve experienced together with Casper, thing’s I would’ve done differently, dare I say better.

In the midst of all the sorrow and second-guessing, there is a silver-lining. The therapist that my wife and I first saw, told her about a group of volunteers that tries to help people that have lost a child. the groups is called The Compassionate Friends. This is a club no one want to be a member of, the membership fee is that you have lost a child! But this group of people is the best thing that can happen to any one in that situation that I’m in. It’s like your closest friends, you don’t have to pussyfoot around, you don’t have to explain why you are sad. You don’t even have to keep the facade up all the time and pretend to be brave, they are all in the same boat!

This Sunday, December 14, The Compassionate Friends and I would like to invite you to a Worldwide event: The Worldwide Candle Lighting ceremony. This is to remember our lost children. If you are able join me and my family, please do. It’s very simple: At 7:00 PM in your time zone, simply light a candle in remembrance of our lost children.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.